New year, new beginnings, new website!!!

So happy to start 2017 with some much needed sleeping in, semi-healthy snacks, and a website. Finally! Wow welcome to the digital age. Website building - yet another highly recommended skill for small business owners that is completely new to me. Luckily there are tons of resources out there that make website building super easy now so the process was relatively painless. Just had to get past my perfectionist tendencies and push that "publish" button. Must remind myself that a website, like most things in life, is just another work in progress.

2016 felt like such an incredibly long year in so many ways. So glad it's over! Finished the year feeling physically and emotionally exhausted but grateful at the same time. Becoming an entrepreneur has had a steep learning curve but I am so grateful for even just the opportunity to try it out. What a crazy ride it has been! We even made our television debut! That came about so unexpectedly and led to some wonderful unexpected opportunities.... I can only attribute that to pure luck. Thanks so much to our family, friends, customers, suppliers, event organizers, and fellow makers for your support, advice, encouragement, and enthusiasm!

We're looking forward to 2017! Wishing everyone a happy and healthy new year!